Friday, 30 October 2009

Moscow was a dream

Moscow was a dream ... or maybe another world ... or just somewhere where blogging posts didn't come from ... or maybe just having to pay for internet by the minute was enough to put me off? Whatever reason ... when I woke up from a sleepless night this morning on a train in St Petersburg. I stayed in Moscow for 8 weeks, the first three were - lets call her for the sake of simplicity - with my Aunt, and the next five were in Galina's house hostel with Galina and four large, hairy, round cats. During that time I walked around the parks and shops of Central Moscow, looked to find out about working there, visited shops with interesting in things from Asia and - sometimes - talks, and found ways to mingle in bars and clubs ... And now again I am in St Petersburg during my last two days in Russia before leaving for Tallinn, Tartu and Helsinki.