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Записки: развитие доброты: 09.04.17

Развитие доброты:


Theme – developing awareness and kindness by means of meditation, this week it is kindness.


Our name, why we came, one sentence, I am Suvannavira, Buddhist name, I am a Buddhist

No religion, I wanted to make these classes accessible to all.


Many different types of meditation in the world, forget your preconceptions?

We teach meditation in terms of Western culture, so no Eastern words.

Meditation is a practice, we need to do it regularly to get results.

We do it to transform ourselves (in the end) completely.

Sometimes it is difficult, sometime easy and very pleasant, in both cases we just need to keep going.

It is a tool for us to work on ourselves, on our mind with our mind.

--Every time like the first time, if you have been meditating for years. It will help your practice.

--Go beyond your limits.


Preparation is very important, it starts the process of meditation, and good to have time to set down at the end.

If we want to be in touch with genuinely positive emotions, a relaxed and broad base of awareness of ourselves is needed.

So we start by developing a broad base of awareness of ourselves and relaxation.

BROAD BASE OF EXPERIENCE means all the different aspects of ourselves, be open and honest, requires self confidence.

SOUNDS: starting with a broad experience outside ourselves, the sounds in the room and beyond.

BODY: the whole of our body sitting here, pleasant and painful feelings, and the rhythm of the breath in the body.

FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS: just let us feel what we are feeling, pleasant and unpleasant. Don't worry, everything is normal. This is particularly important for developing kindness.

THOUGHTS: people often think meditation is 'not thinking'. OK, now we can watch thoughts thoughts, how they come and go, doesn't mean start thinking about something. Thinking can be a doorway to deeper concentration. ALL TOGETHER


As well as no religion, try not to use foreign words, so development of kindness, but really we are taking about Metta.

Meaning Kindness and other positive emotions like:

1/ friendliness

2/ desire to help (when you have the chance)

3/ love

4/ wishing beings well

5/ sensitivity to them

6/ sense of connection

7/ awareness of them

8/ interest in them

A/ When helping, disinterested, doesn't look to get something in return.

B/ Directed not just to those who are close but to all living beings.

C/ So not something we can develop in a day.

D/ But we start close to home, with ourselves and a good friend, meaning not a lover, child, parent, or someone who has died. Friendship as a powerful emotion, the seed of metta.

1st STAGE We develop kindness to ourselves. If we are not kind to ourselves, we can't be truly kind to others.

We start simply repeating the words to yourself MAY I BE HAPPY, MAY I BE WELL.

It is very simple, something we can all do, if you don't know what to do, do this.

Establish first a broad awareness of the body and your feelings and emotions, just as they are.

Maybe repeat the words in rhythm with your breathing. But don't do it mechanically, be open, aware, responsive.

Leave a pause between phrases, let emotions emerge in response to your words, notice responses, focus on them,

If we feel sadness, anger or other negative emotions, it is ok, don't need to avoid them,

just be aware of them and continue wishing yourself well.

Maybe other words or phrases will touch our deeper emotions, ok we can use other words, as long as they are positive.

2nd STAGE To a good friend. Bring them to mind and repeat these words. MAY THEY BE HAPPY, MAY THEY BE WELL

We develop kindness through keeping our mind concentrated on the positive emotions that we experience.

PRINCIPLE What we give our attention to grows.

Сейчас вы'берите хорошего друга или хорошую подругу вспомните его / её лицо и голос.

Внимательно почувствуйте свои эмоции к ним / ней такими, как они есть и повторите про себя:


In the first stage we develop kindness to ourselves again in various ways:

-Again using words, may I be happy, may I be free from suffering.

-Or are the emotions already there, can just focus on them.

-Bringing to mind our positive qualities, what others have said about us, what you want others to have said or noticed.

-Remembering a time when we were especially happy. Why were we so happy? Or very interested in something, or did it to a very high standard, or totally engaged.

In the second stage again to our friend:

-By continuing to use words.

-Maybe we already have positive emotions, then just focus on them.

-Bring to mind their positive qualities, intelligent, kind, beautiful, what is attractive, capture it in words, how to be like them.

-Reasons to be grateful, what they have done for us, given us.

-Radiate rays of kindness from your heart, rays of warm red light.

Notice the feeling that come up then concentrate on the positive ones.

FURTHER TEACHING Explain full practice, next few weeks doing first two stages then one more, looked at in more detail.

ALL SENTIENT BEINGS. GOAL To feel an uninterrupted flow of positive emotion to all that lives.

Normal fifth stage ends with the development of kindness to all living beings.

Someone once said, I love humanity, it is people I can't stand. It is not that.


1/ Start with spreading out from us to the whole world.

2/ Words: may we be happy, may we be well.

3/ Traditional method: we radiate rays of kindness in all directions, rays of light.

Излучать доброту во всех направлениях.

4/ Bring to mind the different countries in the world, or the continents, where you have been and not.

Those that are attractive and not, rich and poor, cultured and not, stable and at peace and at war.

5/ Reflect that every being wants to be happy, to avoid pain, just like you do.

Just as intensely as you do, it is just as important to them as it is to you.

Look at someone and ask yourself how would I feel if that was what I looked like, if that was what my life was like,

if that was what I did. Exchanging self for other.


Try to meditate every day, or 3-4 times a week; 10, 20 or 30 minutes a day.

Start with самонаблудение, then development of kindness, can choose how many minutes for each, and for each stage.

Helps to find a regular place and time to meditate, for it to be calm around you, switch off your phone.

Leave time free before and after, otherwise jarring. Sometimes difficult, keep on, notice state of mind at beginning and end.

Repetition is key to success in meditation, come again, you haven't remembered everything.

Next week other practice, development of awareness, then come once a month to keep up the connection.


--PASSIVE We can be more aware of our feelings and emotions, get into the habit of самонаблудение.

--PASSIVE Be more aware of the people around us, take time to look at them, take time to feel them, be aware of their emotions, be aware of them as separate beings, what do they think and feel.

--ACTIVE Dwell on the positive in others and ourselves

--ACTIVE Rejoice in the merits of others and ourselves, practice putting peoples good qualities into words and tell them.

--ACTIVE Be more generous. --ACTIVE Be aware of our good qualities, what others say about us

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