Friday, 28 May 2010

A day in the life ...

Sometime - wake up and take a shower.
Walk around Ulitsa Pakrovka, ул. Покровка, and find a restaurant where to have a 'Business Lunch'. Moscow isn't a cheap place to eat but many restaurants offer a very competitive Business lunch of 3 or 4 courses for 200-250 rubles (5 or 6 quid).
Go to 'Coffee Bean' and order my hot milk, set up my computer and start to work thanks to their free wifi.
After a few hours, pause because I need to eat so walk and order cheese pancakes and buckwheat.
Either return to Coffee Bean, or go to 'White Clouds', Белые Облака, to listen to a talk on this or that spiritual theme and practise my understanding of spoken Russian.
Return to the flat hostel where I am staying, listen to some Russian on the language CDs I have, and a selection of the following; talk, sleep, meditate, then cook some noodles and cheese and head off to Krizic Jhanra, Кризис Жанра, to read a chapter of the Russian language course I am doing, and a few verses of the Dharmapada.
Drink an orange juice at Propaganda, Прораганда.
Home, meditate and sleep.

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