Saturday, 8 May 2010

Galina's Flat, Moscow

And now I am again in Moscow staying in Galina's Flat. Voila a reiview I did about it:
Galina's Flat:
metro - Chisty Prudy
phone - 8 (919) 410-41-12
The flat has 3 rooms two of which can host people, one with 5 beds and the other with 2. They are clean and comfortable if not modern. She is friendly and straightforward, and she has at least (at any one time) at least 4 large cats. Internet is available at one ruble a minute by not wifi and you can do your laundery by hand in the bath. She does let some guests use her kitchen, but probably couldn't cope with everybody doing so at once.
Irs an idealplace for a shoestring traveller, being very centrally located - 5 minutes walk from Chisty Prudy metro, 10 minutes walk from some of the best clubs in Moscow, and 20 minutes from the Kremlin.
She charges 400 rubles a night, or 500 if you stay just one night, which means you can stay there for 12,500 rubles for the month which is at least a third less expensive than anything else I could find in the area. To find her, you go through a tunnel into an open courtyard and turn right and find the first door on the right which has two intercom buttons one with her name on it.

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